Rita DargužytėRita Dargužytė
James, you have been an outstanding driving instructor, always patient and calm. You take the time to explain things in a way that I understand. You taught me not just to drive to pass my driving test but to be a best driver that I can be. Thank you for all your help and support, I couldn’t have passed without you. I 100% recommend you to anyone that is learning to drive. :)

Paul FieldsPaul Fields
James’s LDC Driving School review by Paul Fields
What I appreciated about my driving instructor James, was the thoroughness of his instruction. After completing each driving skill exercise we would park up away from heavy traffic to have an appraisal. This was carried out by having a dialogue with James on how I carried out the exercise and what I learned from doing the exercise. I used the LDC Driving Skills workbook to read about the driving skills I must learn to become a competent driver. The LDC workbook is designed to be driver student interactive; where as a student, I appreciated the logical progression of knowledge and skills to be learned and marked off as progress is made. The LDC Workbook covers from appreciation of how the motor cars behaves in conduction a driving exercise, the fundamental skills and driving behaviours to be learnt. At the back of the Workbook it explains the driving test and what the driving test examiner expects and observes and how and what the student driver should carry out. Thank you again for your driving instruction. All The Best, Paul.

Lana SmithLana Smith
James was very kind, professional and patient
I just recently passed my test for the first time with James as my instructor. James was very kind professional and patient with me and took his time to help me gain my confidence as I was a very nervous driver to begin with. His lessons were at the pace I was comfortable with and I got to choose what I was ready for and so was not asked to do anything I was uncomfortable with. The lessons are accompanied by an LDC workbook which was extremely helpful as each lesson follows the workbook, so if you need to recap at home or have a look ahead on what the next lessons will be you can. There is also a checklist on the workbook for every single thing you will need to be able to do for the test which was great as I could go through and highlight what I could do and then was able to work with James to go over the things I needed to work more on. James is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend him.

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